Compassionate Home Caregivers, Testimonial

In March of 2014 I received a call from Chamberlin & Reinheimer Insurer’s Inc. regarding our Workers’ Compensation Insurance. At first, we were hesitant because they reached out to us stating they could find us a better rate than the one we currently had with SWIFT and we were leery that this was just another sales call. Shortly thereafter, Ken provided us with a quote from UPMC and we were thrilled. UPMC’s rate was HALF of what we were paying to SWIFT. After looking a little further into UPMC, I was pleased with the feedback I found. It is not just for financial reasons that I would recommend UPMC, they quickly provided us with multiple specific county physician panels and documents to implement immediately to help protect our company and our employees moving forward. Lastly, they are always accessible by phone, which means a lot. We are now entering our second year with UPMC and we have had a positive experience.

Jennifer Kaisner
Business Affairs
Compassionate Home Caregivers