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To Whom It May Concern:

We have been using Chamberlin & Reinheimer for several years for our Workers’ Compensation policy. Their staff is extremely helpful and always responsive. Last Year, we were hit with two large workers compensation claims which lead to our policy being non-renewed by Guarantee. We were turned down by a number of different insurance companies and it looked like our only option was going to be the state fund, which was an extremely expensive option. Ken Reinheimer took the extra time to make a number of calls to UPMC and ask them to reconsider giving us a quote. Due to his hard work, UPMC finally agreed to give us a quote, which saved us over $20,000 for the year compared to the state plan’s quote. It is great to know that we have someone looking out for us. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Chamberlin & Reinheimer to anyone. They are a top notch company who truly care about their clients and are great to work with.

Erin Carll
Owner / Operator