Property Insurance

Many of our Home Care clients start by operating from home. As they grow they may rent office space or even  in some cases buy a building and rent to themselves.

Chamberlin & Reinheimer will work with you to customize coverage as your business grows.

Business Personal Property Insurance will cover the company’s property at locations listed on the policy and in transit.  The property that needs to be insured is office furniture, phone systems, computer systems and copiers / fax / scanning equipment.  Some or all of this property may be leased but you as a lessor are required to insure it.

Building Coverage will cover the structure that is owned by the Home Health Care Company.  If the Building is in the Owner’s name / or Real Estate Company and he rents it back to the Home Health Care Company then the Building coverage should be in the Owner’s name or his Real Estate Company.

Business Income / Extra Expense will cover loss of income and extra expense that in the event of a fire that causes property damage to the Home Health Care Company’s office.

For Home Health Care businesses the exposure is not Business Income Loss because mobility is a big part of the business all you need to do is rent space.  The other key is having an offsite backup for your computer system so that essential staff and operating records and consumers’ electronic medical records can be recovered. Extra Expense will cover this cost, preventing gaps in the firm’s coverage.

office property insurance