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Chamberlin & Reinheimer

Chamberlin & Reinheimer has been in the insurance business for over 100 years.  We have been specializing in the field of healthcare for 50 years. Chamberlin & Reinheimer holds membership in several insurance industry associations and trade groups and is a frequent presenter on insurance coverage and risk management at State conferences.

About 20 years ago, we saw that health care delivery models were changing to reflect consumers’ preference for home-based care. The everyday comforts of home, the proximity of family and friends, and the familiarity and security of one’s own home has been shown to be beneficial for patients and caregivers alike.

Chamberlin & Reinheimer believes that to be able to provide Insurance and Risk Management,
you need to understand the home based care industry.

Chamberlin & Reinheimer knows that as Americans age and live longer, increasing numbers of them will live with multiple chronic conditions, such as Diabetes, Alzheimer’s and Dementia, in addition to  functional impairments.

Cost Considerations – Home-Based care is less expensive then care provided in a Facility.  This means that State Budgets, with Medicaid being a driving cost factor, the allocation of Medicaid dollars is going to incentivize Home-Based care.  Medicare also has financial issues.   This is due to the dramatic shift in demographics in the United States.  One example is in 2019, people older than 65 years will outnumber those younger than Five years old for the first time in history.

The financial health of our federal and state governments hangs in the balance because of the implications for Medicare and Medicaid costs, the solution is moving to Home-Based care.

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